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Expand your creative freedom with the Leica M11. As the benchmark in rangefinder photography, the M11 is completely re-engineered and well-equipped to go beyond the known: An exclusively designed full-frame BSI-CMOS Sensor with triple resolution technology grants you the choice to produce stellar images at 60, 36 or 18 megapixels. Express your artistic vision with accuracy while staying truly flexible with an incomparable level of detail rendition and a wide ISO range. Charge the new powerful battery and connect your camera using the new USB-C port and benefit from a high level of data security with 64GB of internal memory. The Leica M11 - a legend reinvented.


The Leica M and its lenses have been making history for decades. Long before sustainability became a familiar expression, the M Bayonet created a timeless standard, allowing lenses and cameras to be passed down from generation to generation. The new Leica M11 is just that; compatible with almost every M Lens ever produced and a true epitome of enduring value. Merging state-of-the-art technology with an outstanding tradition, the new Leica M11 represents a peak of German engineering, while setting a new benchmark in rangefinder photography for years to come.

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The Leica M has been shaping our visual memory for almost 70 years.

According to the lofty words of many a great photographer, ‘It is the eye that takes the picture, not the camera’. Among them, German-French photographer Gisèle Freund knew what she was talking about; at the same time, she also knew exactly which camera she could count on: a Leica. After all, it is only when all the technology lines up that the photographer can fully concentrate on the task at hand. Freund is but one example, taken from the pantheon of legendary photographers, whose body of work is indivisibly linked to Leica cameras. Thanks to the interplay between outstanding individual image performance and the precision of the tool, Leica has been able to grow as a brand over the decades, and reach its status as a legend – a legend that remains very much alive today, and is constantly developing new facets.


As to the history of photography, the ingenious design produced by Oskar Barnack in the year 1914 represented a first milestone. The next one came forty years later, in 1954, when Leica’s camera technology had been perfected to produce the first Leica M. Indeed, right from the moment of its launch, the Leica M has been more than just the most excellent tool available to photographers working in the photo-journalistic and documentary fields; it has also been an instrument for artistic freedom, and for supporting individual visions.

We have long since distanced ourselves from the belief that photography only serves as a means to authentically reproduce reality; it has also prevailed as a confident, top-class medium for artistic creativity. The history of Leica is rich with examples where these two apparently contradictory aspects have achieved a perfect symbiosis. This is why so many pictures that originated in the photo-journalistic field have become an iconic part of our collective, pictorial memory. A perfect example of this can be observed in Leica's The World Deserves Witnesses campaign.

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Leica has transformed visual communications in a decisive manner. It was the handy, 35mm format that first gave rise to a new and dynamic type of photography. Accordingly, following the blossoming of photojournalism in the twenties, it is evident that another chapter in the history of the medium was written with the appearance of the Leica M in the fifties. Many photojournalists have, of course, worked with a Leica; so it is hardly surprising that, to this day, many outstanding members of the Magnum Photos agency – founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, David Seymour and Henri Cartier-Bresson, among others – are Leica photographers. It is impossible to imagine many ‘decisive moments’ being recorded without a Leica. René Burri, Werner Bischof, Martine Franck, Ara Güler and Thomas Hoepker – to mention just a few of the agency’s members – have all captured unforgettable Leica moments.

However, the Leica M is not only legendary as a reportage camera. It has long conquered all other areas of photography, as well: whether travel or landscape, portraiture or nudes, fashion or sports, still life or artistic creations; nothing seems to be impossible or unattainable for a Leica. The camera has captured magic moments, unforgettable memories, events both dramatic and curious; sights and insights of both a visual or a philosophical nature; black and white compositions or progressive studies in colour; fascinating fashion images or classic urban portraits. The best examples for each kind of subject can be found amid the work of Leica photographers, such as Frank Horvat, Ernst Haas and René Groebli. Last but not least, astounding results in the street photography genre, by the likes of Joel Meyerowitz, Garry Winogrand and Bruce Gilden, can be attributed to the discreet, handy and dynamic camera. Without Leica photographers, what would our images of Paris or New York City, São Paulo or Shanghai, or the younger metropolises of the world, look like?


Whether professional photographers, beginners, or Leica lovers: they all belong to the Leica family. In these times of the often-referenced flood of images, the importance of this anchoring cannot be overrated. Leica cameras are not mass products; they thrive, thanks to their distinction and extra class. Therefore, not surprisingly, the brand has acquired increasing numbers of younger fans, who want to become part of Leica’s tradition and family history.

Taking photographs with a Leica is much more than a handicraft, a profession or a hobby: it is also about passion and desire. The emotional value should not be underestimated because, in the midst of fleeting fashions and trends, it is this emotional value that defines and perpetuates the status of a true legend.

We welcome you to the Leica Family.

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